UK court reject attempts by Konkola Copper Mines to bring jurisdictional challenge over pollution of river

London : Over 1,800 Zambian citizens can take Vedanta Resources and its Zambian subsidiary, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), to court in the U.K. over allegations relating to the pollution of a river there, after Britain’s Supreme Court rejected an attempt by the company to challenge the jurisdiction of British courts.

They will now be able to bring their claims for torts of negligence and breach of duty to the courts in the U.K., first initiated in 2015.

British Supreme Court judgment is seen as having wider significance for parent companies and their ability to be held liable for alleged activity abroad.

Vedanta Resources cannot appeal the jurisdiction judgment any further as its attempt to suggest recourse to the European Court of Justice during the Supreme Court proceedings was also rejected.

The judgment on Konkola Copper Mines was read in court by Lord Briggs, with the four other justices considering the case, concurring with him.

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