Thailand: fire in a shopping mall of Bangkok, 2 died, 16 injured

Bangkok : The two people have died and 16 people have been injured in a fire in a shopping mall of Thailand capital Bangkok. The building, called the Central World Complex, was evacuated due to the fire.

After that the relief workers started work to quench the fire in the goods. Many people jumped from a burning building after the fire that took place in Bangkok’s shopping center in Thailand.

Officials said that three people were killed in the incident but later the number of dead was told two. The Central World Complex, which includes a shopping mall, several offices and a hotel, has been completely evacuated.

The fire started from the parking lot of the building. The police also said that the explosion occurred in the parking garage of the premises. However, due to the fire, they are not known yet. To avoid the fire, some people were seen jumping on a daily basis.

Bangkok Governor Asawin Kwanmuang told about the incident of the fire, until it is not safe, it will be closed. “He said that we have to see the effect of fire on the structure of the building and for this to fire the fire After that the police will have to go inside for investigation.

This mall is quite popular among the people. In this mall was to be held on 13th to 15th April, a local function called Songkran was to be held.

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