Sakshi Maharaj will join the Bharatiya Jan Nayak Party?

Lucknow : BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, who is known for utterly speaking, can join the Bharatiya Jan Nayak Party after cut their ticket. Let me clear that Bharatiya Janata Party has cut the ticket of MP Sakhi Maharaj from Unnao. The angry Maharaj also gave a warning to the BJP high command to suffer the consequences.

According to information from reliable sources, Sakshi Maharaj can hold BJNP’s hand in this Lok Sabha elections. Party’s national president Santosh Kumar Yadav has also confirmed this. However, it is yet to be confirmed by Maharaj.

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In an interview given to the media, National President Santosh Yadav has said that, BJNP is in touch with the candidates who have been bitten by the tickets. With officially announcing that Mr. Yadav said that he has talked to BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj and he may soon join the Bharatiya Jan Nayak Party.

Let me tel that, this time in the Lok Sabha elections, Bhartiya Jana Nayak Party has come up in the battle ground by the name of ‘Right to Promise’. Many famous celebrities have already joined the party already. BJNP has raised the difficulties of all political parties by bringing the issue of RTP.

What is RTP?

Right to Promise stand for RTP means promises of political parties at the time of election. Which voters will have the legal right to fulfill after winning the election.

Party President Santosh Kumar Yadav says that if RTP system implemented in the country, then not only will the future of youth be ensured but the education, health, employment and development sectors will also be ensured.

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The party president says that after the implementation of RTP, no one party or leader will be able to make false promises to the people of the country. In this way voters will also be able to better choose their representative.

Their else, the leaders who have made false promises will be banned from contesting election in future by Election Commission. Also, those political parties will be sacked for 10 years. In this case, Santosh Yadav has already filed a PIL for implementation of RTP in the supreme court.

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