Above 43% of North Korea population in lack of foods: UN report

According to a report released by UN, more than 43% of North Korea population, that is, about 11 million people have a shortage of food. For this reason, such children are malnourished and are constantly being victim of malnutrition.

In the report of Tapan Mishra, head of the United Nations Office in North Korea, it has been said that widespread malnutrition in North Korea population poses a threat to the whole generation of children.

The condition here is that one in five children died due to malnutrition. It has been said in the report that due to extremely limited health care and lack of clean water and sanitation, children are also at risk of dying of diseases which can be cured.

Mishra said that to help 60 million malnourished people of North Korea last year, the United Nations (UN) had requested an amount of $ 11.1 million, of which only 24 % has been given.

Tapan Mishra has also told in his report due to lack of food grains. According to the UN report, in North Korea, modern methods of agriculture are not being expanded and agricultural land is also continuously decreasing.

Its direct impact is on crop and production. Last year, due to sunstroke and hot winds, the crops have suffered substantial losses.

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