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News Readers is a English news website developed in October 2018 and published in 27 December 2018. It’s short form is NR. It is online news provider for our readers. It’s domain or world wide web address is

News Readers head office placed in Lucknow – 226001, capital of Uttar Pradesh in India. It has founded by journalist team and have more than one co-founders, editors and contributors. Currently, we are taking Gujarat News Agency (GNS) service.

News Readers cover National News, International News, Political News, Entertainment News, Crime News, Corruption News, Sports News, Economic News, Business News, Career News, Jobs News, Exclusive News, Exposure News, Latest News, Breaking News, Video News and much more. News Readers is freelancer and it is totally depend on public funds & online ads.

We Are News Readers Team

News Readers Team Members show you the working head to freelance supporting members of ours. News Readers allow them to post their news on our website. Some of members are freelance supporting to News Readers without profits & gain. They are not salaried and regular members. News Readers such call them as “Contributor” members.


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  • Mail :
  • Call : +91 – 9198624866
  • Office : Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh- 226001 (India)
  • Contact us by google business site.


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